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Yogini Development

Kundalini Mata Shakti
Yoga for Female Vitality

Sacred Sexuality

Fertility as Creativity In General:  
Transcendent Presence

Attunement with Your Creativity

Labor as Yoga:
Life Transitions as Transformation

Postpartum Bonding as Meditation:
Parenting as Spiritual Practice

Life Cycle Wisdom

Birth begins
before conception,
and every woman
is her own Midwife.

For  women who are
consciously present
to their labor & birthing,
it is the equivalent to
seven years of meditation.

~ Jeannine Parvati
Midwife, Prenatal Yoga Author
Mother of six

Wisdom is knowing things
in different ways.

~ Guatama the Buddha
from Patisambhidamagga Atthakatha I.1.1.

Universal motherhood is the
loving compassion not only for one's
own children but for all people,
animals, plants, rocks, and rivers.  

For one who has awakened to true
motherhood, every creature is his or her
child.  Such love, such motherhood,
is divine Love, which is God.

Mata Amritanadamayi, "Ammachi"

Resources for Women's Development, Aware Birth, and Beyond

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Medical Birth:  
Common Beliefs and
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