Lotus Fertility
and Mary Ceallaigh
The Lotus flower has been associated with fertility, spiritual renewal, and divine
inner beauty from time immemorial, for good reason:  they not only survive, they
thrive - they find their way up through the muddy water and they bloom.  Like the
amazing Lotus, human beings endure & transform through inner journeys and heroic
life passages.

Women's unique opportunities to cultivate optimal mind-body health via the many
fluctuations of the physical menstrual cycle and emotional fertility/creativity cycles
can create positive change for both the inner world and the outer world.  All women
are connected to the divine mother principle of the universe:  pregnant with
creativity and change, carrying the possibility of more joy and more peace for
personal and planetary health.

The mission of  Lotus Fertility's Resources, Consulting, and Services is to help
women help themselves, because every woman is ultimately her own teacher.

The source of this pivotal paradigm shift is found in the principle of mind-body
harmony and the intuitions that ripple out through the healthy female body into ALL
our creations - including (yet not limited to) physical fertility.

The values of Yoga and Midwifery through the Lotus Fertility approach bring
about realignment with the interconnectedness of creativity, sexuality, and
spirituality.  In this approach, ALL women are mothers:  pregnant with the creative
possibilities of conscious female embodiment, nurturing all creations.  

The vision of Lotus Fertility is to facilitate women's own many ways of knowing
in order to embody the healing power of womanhood:  aware relationship with the
great Life Cycle and its transformations.

The Lotus Fertility approach facilitates the
inner midwife, the intuition within the
healthy woman's neuro-endocrine system.  This intuitive center plays a major part in
successful integration of the milestones of women's development:  menstruation,
sexual partnership, self-healing, pregnancy & birth, mothering, and empowered
aging.  Lotus Fertility honors the role of awareness within human health and
development. Most blatantly expressed in how a culture deals with birth and death,
it is also most intimately experienced in how each person experiences their
relationship to breath, and its creative wisdom in the body.  

Four principles taken from ancient Yoga philosophy are themes in women's work of
cultivating inner guidance for lifelong wisdom and healing:

Ahimsa:  Non-violence, Harmlessness (in thoughts as well as actions)  

Ananda:  Contentment within the Present Moment, Joy

Moksha:  Emotional Freedom (feeling secure in the universe)

Rasayana:  Radiance, Juiciness, Vitality    

Lotus Fertility contributes to the larger work of healing the earth through the
continual rebirth of woman's conscious relationship with the Life Cycle of the cosmos
in her own body & mind.

Putting it into Practice

Lotus Fertility consulting work encourages a re-framing what fertility is, and explores
the possibility of going beyond preconceived notions and into the healing power of
conscious creativity with life as-it-is, often bringing about surprising changes of
heart. Lotus Fertility preconception/women's health work involves dialogue-based
facilitation, self-care education, and the encouragement of daily self-care and
attunement routines (meditation, prayer, being in nature, yoga, etc.) along with a
full range of traditional birth/postpartum attendant services and personal yoga
instruction for women of all ages.

Life Cycle Themes

The Lotus Fertility work focuses on full-blossom life balance through menstrual
and creative health and including rejuvenating practices that cultivate radiant
  Because of cultural ignorance, conditioning, or trauma, the vast majority of
women carry on with at least partial and even full disabling of glandular health & the
heart-womb (emotional-physical) connection.  Restoration of this embodiment
naturally allows for more opportunities for the innately supple feminine mind to
flourish physical wisdom.  

Fertility as defined by the yoga tradition is a state of creativity, spiritual wisdom, and
natural health/rejuvenation rather than mere physical breeding or reproduction of
the ego.  In this context, true fertility is a rare thing in our society.  For yoginis,
there is a permanent interconnection of creativity-spirituality-sexuality, one which
carves a conscious & sustainable way of living.

As Lotus Fertility relates to
pregnancy, the Yoga perspective is that all healthy,
natural women are pregnant all the time - with creativity, insights, and renewal.  
Embodying a conscious heart-womb enhances energy pathway in the body enhances
cycle health, as well as revolutionizes sexual bonding and prenatal bonding with a
baby!  Lotus Fertility resourcing focuses on honoring each woman's unique story in
order to optimize her personal journey of informed choice with a spectrum of
possibilities in women's wellness and informed choice.

In new client
postpartum scenarios, the Lotus Fertility approach supports healing and
well-established bonding of the new family, assisting the mother's recovery on all
levels.  Viewing the first 9 postpartum months as "extrauterine gestation" (Ashley
Montagu Ph.D) where the nursing mother and her baby are as in-sync and unified as
during pregnancy (nursing mothers & their babies share the same REM sleep patterns
even), the Lotus Fertility approach works with the mother-baby as a unit, and
supports optimal postpartum adjustments and family harmony.

Mary Ceallaigh
B.A. Human Development, Certified Yoga Teacher
Midwifery Consultant

Mary's consulting work is the fruit of her own path of personal and professional
experiences, including a long apprenticeship with midwife Jeannine Parvati, mother
of the modern yogini-midwife lineage.  This reclaimed tradition cultivates reverence
for the natural feminine embodiment of the Life Cycle, and its biodynamic relation to
the earth and cosmos.

After her Grandmother Treva (the daughter of a midwife) introduced her to the
medicine of aloe vera over twenty years ago,  Mary continued to study healing foods,
herbs, and spices as allies for restoring harmony and health to her own cycle, psyche,
and body.  Her personal path has been one of compassionately attuning to the body's
symptoms & sensations, as a reverent practice that restores balance on all levels -
rather than automatic suppression or surgical "curing" of the body's multifarious,
ever-changing, and unique expressions of inner realities and environmental impacts.   

Mary's Yoga study began with her first asana class in 1988, which soon expanded into
studying ayurveda for women, and the principles of Shakti.  She has been teaching as
a certified yoga teacher since 2003.  

A daily Yoga & Vipassana meditation practitioner, Mary is also an avid Ving Tsun kung
fu student.  Previously, she studied Tai Chi & Chi Gong from 1997-1999 with Chou Li at
the Pacific-Asian Museum Garden in Pasadena, California. Mary attended her first
birth in 1989 and later obtained a BA in Human Development from Pacific Oaks
College, a Quaker-founded school and leader in the study of social & political contexts
of human development and emergent learning.  
"All we need are a few more saints. A Jesus. One Buddha will do!
...Take the Dalai Lama, for instance.
Look at what the contribution of just one little human can do!"
                                                                                 ~ Gurmukh
Celebrity Prenatal Yoga Teacher, Author, Home Birth Mother