Mary Ceallaigh
Life Cycles Celebrant Services - Austin, TX

* Timeless Birthdays * Weddings *Bride Blessings * Girls' Menarche *
Pregnancy Blessingways * Baby Welcomings * Women's Goddess Parties *
Postpartum 40 Days Festivities *Memorials/Funerals * New Beginnings...

"Any healing ceremony contains two parts:  first you have to
show up, and second, we focus together on what has Heart,
and Meaning."                                                     
~ Jeannine Parvati  

As a Celebrant, Mary Ceallaigh facilitates an interfaith reverence and the
spiritual renewal of participants.   Ceremonial components and Celebrant
services might include one or more of the following:

*  ceremony creation/design unique to who you are
*  handmade, fresh flower garlands
*  resources for artisanal cakes, food, music, etc.
*  event coordination assistance
*  designing original art for invitations
*  officiation of weddings/funerals (legally ordained, donation-based)

Please contact Mary with your ceremony date, event size, and any other helpful
details - and she will get back to you with her availability and specific rates for
various services,   booked via deposit.   Thank you!