Aware Pregnancy, Birth
and Sustainable Family Life

Birth, Bonding, and a Violent Society:  Quick Facts for Parenting Education
from the Assn. for Pre & Perinatal Psychology and Health

Cooperative Breastfeeding:  The Modern Village from Time Magazine

The Magnificent Benefits of Water in Labor compiled by Karil Daniels

The Pregnant Patient's Bill of Rights:  Alliance for Improvement of Maternity Services

The Ecology of Love & Birth, Pain, Pleasure   Sarah Buckley MD

The Sexuality of Birth:   Sacred-Erotic Privacy and Power Laura Kaplan Shanley

The Yoga of Conscious Pregnancy:  Yogini Birth, & Essential 40 Days Postpartum
by Mary Ceallaigh

Ecstatic Birth:  The Hormonal Blueprint of Labor  Sarah Buckley MD

Exploring Freebirth:  An Interview with Jeannine Parvati

Freebirth Growing in Popularity:  Reuters News Service

Informed Choice for Women Part I:  Medical Procedures & Interventions During Labor
by Mary Ceallaigh

Informed Choice for Women Part II:  Birthing Environments
by Mary Ceallaigh

Informed Choice for Women Part III:  Birth Attendants
by Mary Ceallaigh

Kundalini Yoga for Pregnancy & Birth The Power of Awareness
by Samantha Dunn

Breath Works:  about Ecstatic Birth

Skin-to-Skin Bonding & Attachment:  Recent Research & Care Provider Protocols
from the physician researchers at the Child Institute Foundation for Children

5 Good Reasons for Extended-Delayed Umbilical Cord Care:
by Gloria LeMay, Canadian Midwife    

Extended Breastfeeding:  Brain Development for Human Love & Peace
scientific article by James W. Prescott Ph.D.
Nat'l Institute for Child Health & Human Development

The Holy Stages of Birth by Dianne Bartlett T.M.

The Importance of Prenatal Sound and Music:  Giselle Whitwell, Music Therapist

Midwifery and Lotus Birth Consciousness;  Kerry Radford, Australian Midwife

Is All That Baby Gear Necessary?  Get a Doula!   by Jan Hunt M.Sc.

Lotus Birth for Midwives:  Why Cut the Cord? by Robin Lim, Midwife

Lotus Birth:  A Ritual For Our Times by Sarah Buckley, M.D.

Lotus Birth:  Fascinating Information by Shivam Rachana

Lotus Birth Questions & Answers for Home, Birth Center, or Hospital births
compiled by Mary Ceallaigh

Lotus Birth Spiritual Principles  by Jeannine Parvati, Yogini-Midwife

Naming the Baby, Naming the Mystery by Mary Ceallaigh

Parenting as Emotional Healing:  Nurturing Essence
by John Breeding Ph.D., Psychologist

Preparing for Late Pregnancy & 40 Days Postpartum:
Ancient Traditions from India & North Africa
by Catherine Cartwright, Medical Anthropologist

Recovery Issues around Childhood Violence Becoming a Peaceful Parent
by Jordan Riak, Executive Director of Parents & Teachers Against Violence

Squatting for Childbirth The Benefits of Aligning with Gravity
by Dr. Swami Karmananda Saraswati

The Joys of a Vegan Live Food Pregnancy & Birth
The many ways that you can nourish the garden of you, for optimal health!
by Jinjee Talifero

The Origins of Social Violence in Sexuality Beliefs & Parenting Styles:
Notes from Neuropsychologist James W. Prescott Ph.D.
Nat'l Institute for Child  Health & Human Development

The Very Important Pelvic Floor by Jan Freeman

Tibetan Wisdom for Pregnancy & Mothering ancient and modern

Yoga and Pregnancy by Swami Sivamurti Sarasvati

43 Reasons for Babywearing by William Sears M.D. and others