Women's Health & Self-Healing

*  intuitive dialogue
*  practical resourcing
*  inter-disciplinary education
*  personalized mentorship

Through the therapeutic relationship of collaborative mentorship, Mary facilitates
the innate wisdom of women through a variety of modalities:  intentional dialogue,
education, intuitive inquiry, and yoga principles for creating optimal health.  With
this work, women are supported & challenged to gain perspective on the present
moment's wisdom, and to cultivate loving nonattachment from anything less.

Focus topics include Natural Fertility, Recovery (from heartbreak, life transitions,
addictions), yogini personal development, Cycle Health, Preconception preparation,
Intuitive Childbirth preparation, and Postpartum health & healing to name a few.  

Consultations are conducted in an individualized format locally in a studio setting or
at-a-distance by telephone.  Mentorship may also include formal Yoga instruction of
self-healing asanas & meditations, personal sadhana design (daily practice
routines), and referrals to additional teachers and counselors wherever appropriate.

Topics of consultation sessions and education series proceed according to each
client's unique story, concerns, and queries, with an intention to facilitate the
innate wisdom within each woman.

Fee for Consultation Work:
$60-90/hour (sliding scale)

Payment of minimum hourly fee calculated by actual session time is requested at
the close of each  appointment, and higher rate is paid at client discretion according
to income level.  While some individuals will schedule monthly sessions, others may
find weekly or biweekly sessions optimal.

Initial sessions are scheduled for a 90 minute minimum, and extended up to
two-hours at client's discretion.   Specific Lotus Birth initial queries can be
scheduled for 45 minutes.  

Email consults are sometimes suitable, and can be conducted at $40 per exchange,
which covers time spent reading your story, and writing facilitative responses.

Weekly Follow up Yoga Coaching
Special rate:  6 hours for $240, prepaid.

Contact Mary to schedule a consultation