Lotus Fertility Poetry

...Poetry is a language that can bridge the gap between heart and intellect.  Poetry is non-
linear logic, empirical voice, and intuitive insight.  When we find, like the Buddha
concluded, that there is a point where there is nothing to say,
reading soul poetry
nurtures the field of consciousness of the heart

In this selection of poems are resources for contemplation, healing, and blessing rituals.

Sacred Sexuality, Spiritual Renewal,
Women's Development

Female Alchemy:  Dancing I Carry the Barren by Joan Michelson

Steam:  In Honor of the First Time by Matthew Murrey

Fantasy Mother for Unmothered Daughters, by Astra

Grande Jetee a poem about Creative Childlessness, by Mary Mackey

I'm Not Afraid (Fearless Woman Flower) by Jill Scott

Love is Made by Abbey Lincoln

O Wind of Tizoula (Traditional Berber song to call a Lover)

Silent Sun by Lori P. Dexter

The Present Moment:  For the entire Life Cycle
by Thich Nhat Hanh

This:  The Inner Space of Babylonging by Katie Campbell

Woman by Yogi Bhajan

Pregnancy & Gestating Joy

The Conceiving by Penelope Shuttle

A Soul's Poem from Rumi:  The Embryo

The Stir of Ripeness - To Bear a Mystery by Rosemary Palmeira

First Fluttering:  The Quickening How Bold to Fall in Love
(with French translation)
by Jeannine Parvati

For Unity so loved Diversity  John 3:16 translated into Aramaic from Greek, then into English

Words to Welcome Infinite Love by Rumi

Birth & Parenting

A Poem to Ease Birth from Nahuatl Aztec

A Mother's Psalm by Miriam Therese Winter

Babymoon Love Song:  The Cradle Song by William Butler Yeats

Change:  In the Alchemy of the World's Dream by Kathleen Raine

Expansion and Contraction  A Poem from Rumi about Trust

Healing after Cesarean:  A  Poem & Resources by Bonnie W. Cowan

Labor Day Labors by Babs Bell Hajdusiewicz

Seek Not to Hold Her for the Lover of Freebirth by Jehanne Mehta

Ten Moons Give Light by Jeannine Parvati

The Lord's Prayer in Aramaic actually a Prayer to the Birther-Father-Mother

The Zen Boobist by Mike Finn

Grieving Voices

Dancing I Carry the Barren by Joan Michelson

Miscarriage Moon by Kathryn Miller Ridiman  

Mother's Day Proclamation Mourning War  by Julia Ward Howe, 1870

The Mother:  A Poem about Abortion by Gwendolyn Brooks, 1945

Midwifery Community

Vision of Unity by Jeannine Parvati


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