Below is a list of core texts.  The benefits of having your own self-healing library cannot be
understated - these books are gems that encourage Lotus Fertility and personal development as
a woman.  Students and clients are encouraged to explore all the books in the areas that are
pertinent to them.

Cycle Health & Self-Healing

A Woman's Book of Yoga, by Hari Kaur Khalsa & Machelle Siebel M.D., Avery Publishing, 2002 (Not
to be confused with other books of similar titles, this book is an excellent resource for women's
self-healing yoga & meditation home practice, with the superbly rejuvenative practices of
specific kundalini kriyas and asanas for women's concerns. With sections on Preconception,
Menstruation, Sexuality, Pregnancy & Birth, and Radiant Menopause, this is a very helpful text for
feminine self-healing lifelong).

Consciously Female, Tracey Gaudet M.D. & Paula Spencer, Bantam, 2004 (Core empowerment,
conscious essence self-healing choices for the entire life cycle.  Good for a beginner's exploration
of unconventional new medical philosophy that values women as their own intuitive experts).

Ecstatica, Rivka Leah, Sacred Vision Press, Devon England 1994 (A British gem in the wise woman
tradition).  Rare book, independently published.

Hygieia, A Woman's Herbal, Jeannine Parvati, Freestone Publishing, 1978 (The most beautiful and
wise text on women's self-heal wisdom I know of)  Recently reprinted.

In the Gold of Flesh: Poems of Birth & Motherhood, Rosemary Palmeira Ed., Women's Press,
London, 1990. (Anthology of many alchemical women poets of the last two generations, gorgeous
and intrepid, with Maturation, Preconception, Prenatal, Birth, Postpartum, Loss,  & Partnership

Natural Fertility, Francesca Naish, Sally Milner Publishing Australia 1996 (An Australian gem that
elucidates both Biological and Natal Lunar fertility cycles, very important info).

Path of Practice:  Ayurvedic Healing for Women, Maya Tiwari, Ballantine Books, New York 2000
(Maya had spontaneous remission from terminal diagnosis reproductive disease and has been
cancer-free for well over twenty years.  A yoga & meditation teacher, her book has powerful
vedic teachings, stories about the importance of roots, nature, self-healing routines, and Shakti
yoga practices.

Tantric Orgasm for Women, Diana Richardson, Destiny Books, 2004 (Organic feminine sexuality
and states of sustained bliss and awareness for self-healing and optimal, daily partnership, with
excellent incorporation of fertility awareness and breast health).

The Healing Choice, Your Guide to Emotional Recovery after an Abortion, Candace De Puy
Ph.D., & Dana Dovitch Ph.D, Simon & Schuster, 1997 (Profoundly spiritual, highly intelligent, and
feminist in its approach, this book presents the long-overlooked issue of post-abortion pain -  this
is not a book about judgement, politics, or religion).  Recommended for anyone who has had an
abortion experience, especially when preparing & integrating for conscious pregnancy & aware
birth, as loss issues tend to resurface during labor).

Our Bodies, Our Selves, Boston Women's Health Collective, 2000 (Good for translating medical
information and for a version of feminist health and that's why it's included here).

Your Fertility Signs, Meryl Weinstein, 1998 (A great resource, with the exception of its
recommendation of the highly problematic practice of douching).

Conscious Pregnancy & Aware Birth

Babies Remember Birth, David Chamberlain M.D., St. Martin's Press, 1988 (astounding facts on
prenatal and cellular development of gestating prenates and the awareness potential of the
amazing newborn).

Birth Reborn, Michel Odent M.D., 2nd Edition, 1999 (Odent transformed his obstetric ward into
primarily a primal birth midwifery center, where the "supported standing squat" position was
often utilized by women.  Includes ecstatic birth physiology and superb black & white
photography that can transform your mind).

Birth Without Violence, Frederick Leboyer M.D., Healing Arts Press, 2nd Edition, 1995 "One of the
20 books that changed the world" - Utne Reader (Leboyer studied traditional childbirth practices
in remote areas of India unaffected by Western-style obstetrics.  He graduated from the
University of Paris School of Medicine, where he served as Clinic Director.  This text, with great
compassion, presents birth from the baby's perspective.  Helpful for birth preparation as well as
for addressing your own trauma from when YOU were born).

Gentle Birth:  Gentle Mothering, by Sarah Buckley M.D., 2007 (The most well-researched,
comprehensive, well written and current book on the subject).  Encompasses natural birth
physiology, orgasmic physiology, psychology, sexuality and informed medical choice with tons of
solid data as well as birth stories, from a internationally reknowned GP who has personally had 4
natural births and 2 lotus births).   This book has gone beyond
Ina May's Guide to Childbirth and
Birthing from Within
, also recommended.

Lotus Birth, Shivam Rachana,Greenwood Press, Australia 2000 (Richly resourced and very well
written, with essays by mothers, midwives, fathers, and physicians.  The Sacred Text of modern
yoga birth, in my opinion).

Prenatal Yoga & Natural Childbirth, Jeannine Parvati Baker, Third Edition (Not to be confused
with the earlier editions), 2002  (This is the original book that brought Prenatal Yoga to the
western world -
unparalleled in its depth, juiciness, and yogini wisdom, though many other
prenatal yoga authors have published since this book first came out in the late 1970s).

The Scientification of Love, Michel Odent M.D., Free Association Books, London 1999 (All about
the awesome love hormones and the neuroemotional aspects of sexuality and birthing, a

Woman's Experience of Sex, Sheila Kitzinger, Viking Press, 1996 (Classic facts on the sexuality of
pregnancy, labor, and birth and the inspirational benefits of orgasmic physiology - also see
Orgasm for Women
, listed under "Cycle Health").

More For Yoginis

A Yoga of Indian Classical Dance:  The Yogini's Mirror, by Roxanne Kamayani Gupta, Inner
Traditions, 2000.  (Gorgeous book celebrating yogini self-healing asanas with tons of lovely
photos, womb yoga philsophy, & fun mudras.  Includes Roxanne's fascinating east-west

Perfect Health
The Essence of Ageless Body, Timeless Mind
The Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire
Deepak Chopra, MD, Harmony Books

Yoga, A Gem for Women, Geeta Iyengar, Timeless Books, 2002 (From an Indian perspective, with
wonderful cycle healing information in sections on postures - for the dedicated student only as
the book's layout takes some getting used to).

Yoga for Sex, Vimla Lalvani, Hamlyn Books, London 2001.  (A very sweet, excellently produced and
highly educational text replete with photographs of a colorfully clothed couple in yogi-yogini
unions, along with excellent sadhana resources for pelvic floor strength).

Partnership Preparation, Marriage, & Family
Empowerment - The Great Classics

Getting the Love You Want:  A Guide for Couples, Harville Hendrix Ph.D, Owl Books, 2001

If the Buddha Dated, and, If the Buddha Married, by Charlotte Kasl, Ph.D. Penguin 1999
Beautifully crafted language, with many quotes from the great mystics as well as a rich array of
practical encouragement and spiritual psychology guidance.

Legacy of Love:  My Education in the Path of Non-Violent Parenting, by Arun Gandhi Ph.D., North
Bay Books, 2003.  Mahatma Gandhi set aside one hour a day for his grandson, imparting to him
through stories and exercises his teachings in the areas of nonviolence, truth, anger, humility,
morality, and spirituality.  This book records many of these profound lessons, as well as others
that the author learned from his mother and father as they applied the principles of nonviolent
parenting.  A gem.

Living Joyfully with Children, Win & Bill Sweet, Acropolis Books, 2002 (Joseph Chilton-Pearce calls
this "a gem in every respect").  Intellectual and intuitive parenting educators, who are themselves
grandparents, delve into the secrets of true family joy and mentor parents of the new millenium.

The Continuum Concept, Jean Liedloff, Perseus Publishing, 1986  (Jean was a Vogue model in the
early 1960s who, after some photographic treks in South America, ended up living with indigenous
Amazonian people for many years, because of her joy with them.  This book contrasts Western
detached, nursery-room parenting with the babywearing, sleep-cuddling, extended nursing
customs of a people with no known depression and no violence.  She writes about the impact of
cultural nurturing patterns on the world family, in a very engaging way).
Lotus Fertility