In their own words...
about Mary Ceallaigh and Lotus Fertility resources

...A grounding force, combined with a wry wisdom that I cherish.
Tai C., British Columbia, Canada

My friend Amy in D.C. called yesterday and she said the women's retreat changed her life.  Especially
your yoga classes with all the breathing and visualizations.  She told me from the deepest part of heart
to thank you for what you do. Her life has changed for the better and she said all of these things
happened BECAUSE of the retreat and her time with you.  So, thanks Mary for making a difference.  
You really do!!!  Lots of love,
S. Bell, Austin, TX

I am truly enjoying yoga with you and have seen a positive change in my attitude and acceptance of
myself and my roles.
Emily B., Austin, TX

Thank you so much, for our telephone consultation and for all the information in the follow-up.
Through communicating with you, I feel what the true expression of feminine means and its power to
transform and heal the world.  Your presence is a true blessing.  Thank you again Mary!  
Zlata T., Boston MA

Hard to believe it's been so many years that Hope was born at home, with you as our Doula.  Having
had 2(!) girls since then I realise what a difference your  presence and support at Hope's birth -and
before and after -made to  the whole experience .  Our other 2 were born at home -  Erin, intentionally
with only Gordon and I  present , and Lily with the help of a midwife - both very positive experiences. I
think I had such a  positive experience with Hope's birth that I kept that with me for the others!!!  And
that delicious potent soup you made (during and after labor) was exactly what I needed.  Many thanks
again, and lots of Love,
Aine D., Edinburgh, Scotland

Choosing a Birth & Postpartum Doula at the beginning of the process requires going on blind faith just
a bit—like marrying someone you don’t really know all that well. I am so grateful that our paths
intersected. I appreciate your prenatal support & insight, and have not felt so nurtured since I don’t
know when.  Thank you!  For your support of me AND Chris. With love and gratitude,
Monica L., Austin, TX

Universe, thank you for sending Mary as I recovered from a huge injury which fractured both my heels!
Mary, thank you for your kindness, your gentle prompting, your intuitive encouragement, your
confidence in my ability to endure fire and ice, your willingness to see it to the end.  Thank you for
being my post-injury Doula and Meditation teacher. I have internalized your voice, so that it may see
me through future days of courage!  And your cooking is awesome! Truly,
Katherine F., Austin, TX

Thank you for bringing so much compassion and tender help to our home during an unexpected
postpartum nursing crisis when our nerves were worn out.  The skin-to-skin newborn care support and
emotional nurturing made all the difference, along with your special Mary TLC - we are all doing
wonderful now!!!  Much Love, ( My mother-in-law loves you too!)
Zoe M., Austin, TX

Mary, our Doula, spirited me away on a yogic journey with her kind words and song during my labor at
home, on the freeway, and at the birth center. Like the waves of a turbulent ocean the surges came
and went. I inhaled for strength, I exhaled to unfold for the next 7 hours, until our little gift came into
the world.
Jennifer H., Austin, TX

I feel very humbled by your beautiful and considered email Lotus Birth consulting. Thank you for taking
the time to respond. Your email gave me such sense of universal companionship and friendship of
women and families.  I am Maori and we are planning some Maori rituals around the home birth to
cleanse the home and welcome in the positive energy and chanting to help with the birthing and
welcome our new love.  With much love,
Hinepawhero A., New Zealand

I'm writing to thank you for the wonderful Shakti yoga series.  I so enjoyed the class and it's inspired
me to begin my own  kundalini home practice.  I was deeply affected by what you said about birth
control pills and antidepressants often affecting women's natural intuition.   So thank you for inspiring
me to make big, important changes in my life!  You are an incredibly talented yoga teacher and a
shining example of Shakti essence!  
Marylo L., Austin, TX

Just wanted to drop you a line that I'm finding a plentiful springboard for inspiration in your website, in
my current pregnant (yes, pregnant!) state.  I've recently re-read
Hygieia and am glad to discover
Jeannine Parvati's prenatal yoga book... and many others towards the directions I'm leaning for natural
childbirth. And of course the very spirit-woman-affirming texts I'm discovering on your site... yay for
the beauty of this ancient life force manifesting through me :)!!!!!!!!!!
Agnes M., Austin, TX

Your manner of teaching has truly touched me very deeply.  I learned alot from you in just the couple
of days I was there at the women’s retreat and I have used that in my classes here. Something as
simple as learning to "balance yourself on your pelvic bowl" has been of tremendous benefit to my
students and me.  Thank you Mary.   
Elsie C., Macallan, Texas

Thank you for a wonderful women’s retreat weekend, Mary.  I think it stirred up a lot in me, which will
be positive.  Thanks again,
Kathy B., Austin, TX

Thank you very much for answering me and for all your resources and help!  This will be one more lesson
in trusting the Universe´s help so that I can follow what I feel in my heart.  Hopefully I can send you
some beautiful pictures, and most important of all, help “my” Baby start life as peacefully and joyfully
as possible.  Blessings and Love,
Irene M., Boston, MA

Since our phone consult, I feel clear about my own inner guidance now as I proceed by doing a huge
inventory on my own truth about stress and what I haven’t been processing.  Thank you for answering
my questions by helping me see my own answers, my innate wisdom.  I feel hugely relieved to
remember what I needed to remember, and know what I must do.  Love and Blessings,
Christina H., Paris, France

With GRATITUDE for how you care for me, Intuitive Doula and Shining Yoga Teacher.  
Love always to you Blessed Mother.  
Yogini Jeannine Parvati, Utah, March ‘05

It’s hard to put into words how much your help and presence as Birth & Postpartum Doula meant to me
and my family during this amazing change in our lives, the homebirth of Gilon.  My mood and outlook
have stayed positive and been more stable than after my previous two births.  You were so delightful
to have around – an angel.  (Thank you for the Peppermint Oil tip – I really think it saved me from having
to have a catheter!)  Thank you so much.  Love,
Sara K., Los Angeles, CA  

When you came to the house after the birth, you helped us just settle & really relax with our firstborn
child after the whole hospital experience, and made our home smell divine with your loving cooking
(need some of your recipes).  My husband said "That's how we Africans take care of new families, she's
good!"  I'll always remember that time with appreciation and love!
June D., Pasadena, CA

Time has gotten away from me, but I wanted to send this photo of Ethan.  He’s doing so well – sweet,
bright, and (mostly) good-natured!  Thank you again for all you did prenatally and during labor to help
bring him into this world!  We are forever grateful.  Love,
Naomi S., Los Angeles/Santa Fe

You were so kind to consult with me during my research on birthing as an actor.   I finally filmed the
pilot, and I wanted to tell you how helpful you were in terms of my performance.  Thank you for sharing
your videos and literature, for answering all my questions, and for opening my eyes to the benefits of
natural childbirth.  I greatly appreciate all you did for me, and for making me feel so welcome.  I wish
you, and your colleagues, all the best!   With many thanks to you,
Shirley R., Los Angeles, CA