Sexuality & Partnership

A Bouquet of  Spiritual Readings for Marriage compiled by Karen McCormick

Baby-Proofing Your Relationship:  Recent Research on Sustainable Intimacy

Courtship and the Spiritual Warrior  by Charlotte Kasl Ph.D

Cultivating Male Vitality and Longevity for More Love:
..... An Interview with Mantak Chia, Taoist Master

Female Sexual Energy Centers Important Info compiled by Mary Ceallaigh

Moving In and Loving Together by Martha Beck, Ph.D

The New Intimacy by Judith Sherven Ph.D. and James Sniechowski Ph.D.

Erotic Birth:  Sexuality in Labor & Birthing by Laura & David Shanley

Partnership & Parenting in a Wounded Society an Interview with Robert Bly

Passionate Enlightenment:  Tantric Partnership Principles by Miranda Shaw Ph.D.

Tantric Integrity
an Interview with Puja & Raja Richardson

The Art of Ecstatic Sex by Diana (Puja) Richardson

Tibetan Wisdom for Sexuality, Conception, and Early Parenting ancient and modern

What is Sacred Sexuality?  Quotes from ancient & modern texts

Wild Man, Wild Woman an interview with Clarissa Pinkola Estes Ph.D.

Yin, Yang, and the Orgasmic Ocean:  The Tai Chi of Sexual Intercourse
by Marnia Robinson J.D. & Gary Wilson