What is Sacred Sexuality?
...Quotes from key ancient and modern sources about the thread of connection where Sex and Yoga meet,
within the self, and within intimacy.  Without this key connection, we are not practicing Yoga or bringing home our
spirituality.  Ecstasy is our birthright, yet many people only experience this in the briefest of sexual moments.
With heartfelt intention and personal practice however,  meditative sexual bonding and prolonged natural potency
become a rejuvenating, majestic new partnership reality...

“We hear little about different energetic qualities of female and male,
and a lot about constitutional and emotional differences.  
A basic education should include a study of how our different energies
manifest in our physical differences – and what significance these have in the sexual exchange.  
Nature intentionally instilled the female and male genitals with complementary polarities of energy.
In addition to the existence of this polarity,
we must understand that woman is in fact half man and man is half woman.  
It is this
inner phenomenon that forms the basis of meditation.”
–  Diana (Puja) Richardson
Tantric Orgasm for Women pp. 42-43

“Love, when it is pure, has a revitalizing effect upon others,
and in the presence of a truly loving person others grow and expand
into a healthier state of being.  
Without deep reverence for the beloved,
such a refreshing stream cannot flow from the heart of the lover.”  Vatsyana,
Kama Sutra

“It is very important for anyone to planning to do these practices with a partner
to have a clear commitment to attain mutual spiritual growth.”
- Maneewan Chia,
Cultivating Female Sexual Energy p. 290

“What Vishnu said to Lakshmi as he entered her:
‘Lady of Beauty, let me know thy sweetness.  
Let me touch the inner petals of thy sacred chakra with the lingam,
and fill the vase of life to overflowing.  Thy hands are cool with scented oil and thy lips are warm.”
translation of Hindu divine mythology text by Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki,
The Tree of Ecstasy

“What Brahma said to Saraswati in lovemaking:
Thou art the seven ecstasies of union, thou art the holder of life.
The singer of sweet songs.  In union with thee my body becomes a temple of joy.
Wrapped in the arms of Saraswati,, Brahma knows only the infinite ecstasy of creation.”
-translated by Dolores Ashcroft-Nowickii,
The Tree of Ecstasy

“In the midst of chaos and destruction
the stillness of pleasure is an erotic art that bonds
and unites two truly loving souls.”
Kama Sutra

“According to the teachings of an ancient text, the Kama Sutra,
one’s sensuality, Kama, is supposed to be in balance with Dharma, one’s spiritual path.
One can enjoy the Kama – the pleasures of life and the sensuality of love and marriage –
while walking the path of Dharma – spiritual awareness.
And one can follow Artha – earning a righteous living
and amassing wealth for one’s family and community –
while experiencing both Dharma and Kama.  
In the yogini’s life, all three
– Artha, Dharma, and Kama –
are designed to be in harmony.”
Hari Kaur Khalsa,
A Woman’s Book of Yoga, pp. 103-104

“The methodical Moon Centers female sexual energy massage,
should take no less than 30 minutes to an hour.
It follows the true movement of sexual energy,
invoking the pituitary gland and the upper areas of the body
and slowly moving downward through the chakras and toward the sexual organs.   
As the woman is massaged in this way, her aura grows from 7-9 feet!
You can guide your partner to massage your body as follows:  
Have your partner massage your
breasts in various ways, taking 10-15 minutes...
The  breasts need this massage to prepare them
so the nipples can be touched and stimulated and
to open the gateway of your sexual energy.
This is a requirement for women.
After this, have your partner massage and kiss your
neck and lips.
Kissing on the lips stimulates many other parts of your body.
From here, have him touch your
hairline around your face (your halo),
and then your
ears.  Your ears are a microcosm of your entire body.
Have him massage your
belly/low spine then inner thighs next,
as your sexual energy rises.   
Then you are ready to open to his massage of your
vulva and vagina.
As your partner is massaging and stimulating your Moon Centers,
you can massage his erogenous centers starting with
his head, hair, and scalp, including his hairline and face.
Then move downward to his buttocks,
the inside of his thighs, his testicles,
his penis, his navel, and chest.
The opposing directions of the massage –
woman from top down and man from top up –
are said to represent the merging of heaven and earth in the sexual union.”
from  Hari Kaur Khalsa,
A Woman’s Book of Yoga, pp 110-111 & Diana Richardson's work

“The purpose of human life is to blossom
like a flower,
with joy and love everlasting,
emitting fragrance and sweetness all around.
The being who keeps their soul in tune
with the cosmic energy
is like a flower which has roots in the earth
but looks up to the heavens for sustinence.
May the lovers blossom together
And permeate the universe with divine scent.”
Kama Sutra

"The yogini is a woman whose
body has become her temple,
her source of discovery and renewal,
the place of remembering her life force.
In her, we see the many aspects of
the feminine force: strong as a live oak,
fluid as the sea, soft and still as the fertile
earth, changing like the moon."
- Shiva Rea,  yoga teacher
the single most important factor in lengthening life
is to know the correct way to make love.”
– Kerry Riley,
Tantric Secrets for Men, pg. 191

“Sex is the sixth sense, and it is the only creative sense
Whenever sexual sentiments are aroused,
if they are used methodically with a power of genuine worship,
and excellence is brought to it as a virtue,
the byproduct will be everlasting,
saintly, graceful, and beautiful.'”
– Yogi Bhajan
where hearts meet, where heads meet,
that is called “harmonious communication.”
It begins and ends with commitment.”
– Yogi Bhajan
"Anyone can be blessed with an experience of ecstatic bliss without sexual intercourse…
timelessness, egolessness, and naturalness.  
The beauty and elegance of sex is that these three essential elements
are naturally made possible by the sexual situation itself,
a realm where Time dissolves.”  
Diana (Puja) Richardson,
Tantric Orgasm for Women pp 44-45
“When men want to make love, they often want sex.
When women want to make love they often want sex, too,
but they want their hearts warmed first.”
- Kerry & Diane Riley,
Tantric Secrets for Men p. 34
“Some practices from ancient India and China treat lovemaking as a meditation or prayer.   
If you practice meditation you’ll understand that its purpose is the same as prayer – to
increase your awareness of God… Daily Devotion (interlocking of bodies, remaining still,
exchanging essences with eyes closed, for 2-5 minutes)
is one of the best forms of meditation I know…  
During this practice keep an intention such as
The practice itself is very simple, but do not be fooled by its simplicity!
Daily Devotion is the opposite of running away from conflict…
As a daily ritual it can diffuse potential discord before it occurs.”
- Kerry Riley,
Tantric Secrets for Men, pp. 85-86
is such an important and valued part of God’s design
that in the spiritual world it is called ‘the Throne of Creativity.’”
– Yogi Bhajan
“Sexual tantra begins 72 hours before intercourse.
This is usually the most exciting news women hear
when they learn the yogini way of sexuality!  
This involves more than scheduling sex;
it is literally 72 hours of anticipating intentional sex,
natural foreplay for the best sex ever.
You will be surprised at how much fun, energy, and intimacy it can generate!
A Woman’s Book of Yoga, pp. 109-110
“In general it is advisable to leave the clitoris unstimulated to a certain extent..
and further heighten your experience, but without an orgasmic base –
the vibration of the magnetic rod between the breasts and the vagina –
the clitoral orgasm is not usually deeply moving,
and can leave women in an emotional state.”
- Diana (Puja) Richardson,
Tantric Orgasm for Women, pg. 91
with producing a peak orgasm for a woman
because it validates him as a lover.
And this attitude has grave consequences - for both men and women –
because in trying to quickly produce excitement and orgasm in woman,
man easily ejaculates, which is against woman’s long-term interests.
Huge amounts of visionary energy are lost by the male species
through habitual and uncontrollable ejaculation…
Yet with her capacity to influence the sex act
by discovering the source of orgasm in her breasts,
Any woman can begin reconfiguring her sexual reality…
The fragrance of a woman settled in her essence
exerts an attractive force on man
that alters the whole nature of the sexual act –
It is a dimensional shift.”
Diana (Puja) Richardson,
Tantric Orgasm for Women, pg. 156
"The way you make love
is the way God will be with you."
- Rumi
"Of all fires,