Classes & Workshops
with Mary

Mary's Yoga Teacher name given by Yogi Bhajan (Guru Partap) means
something like "Infinite Reverence for Enlightenment."

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*    Personal Yoga Coaching for Women

About Women's Classes:  Shakti in sanskrit is the universal feminine force, or
"She-power, " cycling within both sexes, but most  directly and literally
expressed in the Yoga of being a woman.   

Kundalini-Shakti is the dynamic force of life that creates awareness, radiance,
and fertility/creativity.  The Shakti Yoga group classes create a sacred space and
community for women to explore foundational spinal flexion practices and
Shakti teachings along with specific asanas, kriyas, and meditations for
cultivating the intuitive guidance system, preconception consciousness, radiant
menopause, cycle health, sacred sexuality, and yogini self-care.  

Each class is a unique journey to facilitate each student's innate phenomenal
capacity for healing and rejuvenation, sourced in the Shaktisangama Tantra
which states that
The universe is woman's form and  the Yogi Bhajan teaching
Woman needs to know she is the Beauty of the Universe.

Recommended reading for this class: Yogini  by  Shambhavi Chopra, The Path of
by Bri Maya Tiwari, A Woman's Book of Yoga by Machelle Seibel, MD
and Hari Kaur Khalsa,
and Tantric O for Women by Diana Richardson.

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Personal Coaching for Women's Yoga Practice

Personal sessions of one-on-one instruction are a rich resource for those who
wish to begin to cultivate a daily practice (sadhana) and/or address specific
self-healing concerns.  Instruction can include yogic lifestyle routines,  focal
point education, personalized meditations and asanas, and a short, simple, and
powerful daily seated Kundalini Yoga spinal flexion practice for a glandular
and nervous system workout.  Specific self-healing mentorship can address:

hormone balancing & optimal fertility

womb & pelvis alignment

yogic birth preparation

daily practice support

addiction/trauma recovery

5 element balancing

development of intuition

yogic nutrition & ayurvedic cooking

Personal yoga training sessions $60/hr, (first session minimum 90-120 minutes).  
Followup series for  committed  students:  three 2-hour sessions for $240
prepaid ($40/hr).

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"I am taking your class and have really enjoyed it.  
I've never done Kundalini yoga before but have just begun
an Ashtanga practice.  I can't believe
how good Kundalini feels!" ~ F.H.
"Participating in the workshop and visiting the Lotus Fertility
website has provided me a lot of inspiration and reassurance." ~
"Very helpful in quieting the negative and fearful mind
and connecting with and appreciating my body."  A.K.B
"I am 10 days into a 40 day practice of spinal flexion and
chanting the Adi Shakti mantra.  I feel its benefits already.
I am grateful for the wisdom and encouragement
you shared with me and the other members
of the workshop series."  ~ D.S.K.
marked with huge blasts of insights."   M.L.