For Yoginis
& Those Who Love Them

Adi Shakti Meditation for Women from Kundalini Yoga

Ancient Indian Home Design:  The Science of Vastu by Rehana Begg

Aware Women, Aware Fertility & Birth:  The Kundalini Yoga Approach
by Samantha Dunn

A Poem about Woman by Yogi Bhajan

Basic Principles of a Vedic/Yogic Kitchen by Kavita Mehta

Birth, Yogini Roots, and the Female Siddhis
by Vicki Noble, New College of San Francisco

Cultivating the Moon Centers:  Yogini Anatomy
compiled by Mary Ceallaigh

Earth Democracy & Ancient Feminine World Views  
by Vandana Shiva, Indian physicist

Gandhi and the Status of Women  by Jyotsna Kamat

Ghee (Clarified Butter), The Kitchen Goddess's Oil:  What You Need to Know
by Mary Ceallaigh

Kali Asana:  Squatting for Birth
by Dr. Swami Karmananda Saraswati

Kundalini Maha Shakti & Yogic Anatomy for the scholarly Yogini

Lotus Birth:  The Yoga of Umbilical Nonseverance
by Jeannine Parvati

Midwifery as Spiritual Practice by Jeannine Parvati

Quotes for Yoginis from East and West

The Importance of Shakti by Swami Shankardevananda Sarasvati

The Tantric Yogini:  Passionate Enlightenment by Miranda Shaw Ph.D.

The Yoga of Conscious Pregnancy:  Yogini Birth, & 40 Days
by Mary Ceallaigh

The Yoga of the Mother Wound by Phillip Moffit

What is Sacred Sexuality?  Quotes from key texts

Woman is Shakti: Abortion, Choice, and Healing on the Yogini Path
by Jeannine Parvati

Yogini:  The Enlightened Woman by Shambhavi Chopra

Jeannine Parvati